Gioco per cani in corda • KnotDog FLUFFALL
Gioco per cani in corda • KnotDog FLUFFALL

Rope dog toy • KnotDog

€15,90 EUR

The KnotDog rope dog toy made of natural cotton offers a fun, safe, and eco-friendly solution to satisfy the natural chewing instinct of dogs of all sizes.

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Eco-friendly cotton rope Dog Toy

The KnotDog eco-friendly cotton rope dog toy: a safe and environmentally friendly option to entertain our four-legged friends.
This toy provides hours of fun and dental stimulation for our furry companions.

Dental benefits

The KnotDog cotton rope dog toy is known for its resilience and durability, making it an ideal choice for dogs of all sizes.
The natural fibers of the rope work gently on the dog's teeth, helping to remove built-up plaque and tartar.
Rope toys can also serve as dental cleaners, thus improving the dog's oral hygiene and helping to prevent dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Suitable for all dogs

Dogs of all sizes can benefit from rope toys: they offer an ideal opportunity to satisfy their natural chewing instinct safely.
The compact and lightweight size of rope toys makes them easy to handle and carry for smaller dogs.
The strength of the rope allows them to chew and play without the risk of breaking or damaging the toy.
Additionally, the movement of the fibers during play helps to remove food residues and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth, thereby preventing tartar buildup and maintaining good dental health in the long term.

The KnotDog eco-friendly cotton rope dog toy offers a fun, safe, and environmentally friendly solution to satisfy the natural chewing instinct of dogs of all sizes, while promoting good dental health and a healthy active lifestyle for our loyal four-legged friends.

KnotDog FLUFFALL rope dog toy

Round Dog toy FLUFFALL funny


Give your four-legged friend hours of endless playtime.

Round Dog toy FLUFFALL ecological

Crafted from natural cotton rope, it's the ultimate eco-friendly solution.

Round Dog toy FLUFFALL strong

The braided rope ensures high durability even for the most tenacious bites.

Round Dog toy FLUFFALL tooth health

The natural fibers aid in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

28 cm 7.5 cm

KnotDog rope dog toy:
FunNY, indestructible and eco-friendly.


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